5 reasons to use Klaviyo for your Shopify email list

I have been obsessed with Klaviyo since switching over and I just want to tell you why I think it's so necessary for people with Shopify stores!

Learn why I switched to Klaviyo, and how valuable their email flows are to my email list.

Here are five reasons why you should use Klaviyo if you have a Shopify store:

1. They integrate with Shopify.

They see EVERYTHING and it's so, so nice. You can see who's buying, cart abandons, and more. They have SO much information about your shop related to your email list, that you can really target and talk to the customers who are going to benefit from your products the most.

You can set up segmentations and separate lists. It's really great if you sell a bunch of different stuff. For instance, I have lots of cat stuff, and I have lots of gnomes. So gnome people might not care about cat stuff, cat people might not care about gnomes. So then I can send emails specifically to those people so they're not getting bombarded with stuff they don't care about and they're getting served content that they are into. So it's amazing. Their integrations are really, really really, really, really great with Shopify.


2. It's easy to set up.

Now, I spoke with someone on zoom and they walked me through the process, which was really nice. But it's very intuitive and they have so much documentation around setting things up. So, they call "email sequences" "flows" instead, and they have so many pre-made flows for you, which is so great.

For cart abandonment and browse abandonment, you can do a welcome flow. You can do post-purchase flows, you could do birthday flows. You can do "anniversary of the first time you bought from us" flows! It's really cool.

So you can have these things automated so you don't even have to think about them. They have a whole library of things that you can plug-and-play and get your branding and your voice in there.

The mechanics of it all is set up for you already. It's so helpful, especially if you're the only person working on your business, and you don't have a lot of time to try and figure out all of the backend stuff with email sequences. Their flows are amazing - super easy setup, it's great.


3. They have detailed analytics.

You can get really granular and really learn what's working for you. The biggest things to look at are:

  • open rates to see what subject lines work and get people to open the emails
  • click-through rates to see what kind of calls to action you've got going on in your emails and if people are taking action on that.

It's really cool because in their analytics, you can see exactly how much money one specific email brought in. So they track if someone bought something from that email and you can see what works and what doesn't, and it's really great.

I don't always send emails to make money. A lot of times I have emails sending people to YouTube videos, resources, and things like that. I don't always have products in emails, which is part of the strategy, but when you do send them, when you're having a sale, when you're having some kind of promotion, new release, or anything like that, it's really nice to see what's working and what's not.

Seeing a return on your time is really great. Sometimes if you're not sure if you're shouting into the void, their analytics make it really easy to see what works and what's making money.


4. They have a ton of resources and interviews available.

They have this whole series called "Live From Your Laptop" where they talk to businesses that actually use Klaviyo and how they use it.

I've watched ones about HAUS LABORATORIES, ColourPop, and there's a really, really valuable one by the founders of Grace Eleyae. That one blew my mind. They were so free with their knowledge and it was just a really, really cool episode. I think that one would be really great to watch, especially for people like me. I sell, like, non-consumable goods and a lot of the ones are there are for food stuff, makeup stuff, products that you use up and buy some more.

You can't really "use up" an enamel pin, but their product is hair wraps. So getting their perspective and how they speak to their customers was really, really valuable. So I highly recommend that.

Live From Your Laptop, is seriously transformational. I will take pages and pages of notes because everyone uses email in a different way, everyone runs their business in a different way, and it's really cool to see all the different perspectives and resources that they share. I just, I really geek out over it. 🤓


5. Their email templates are really easy to use.

The way you build out your own emails, it's really easy to get your own branding in there and design cute, fun emails that have a lot of variety. When you're in the email builder itself, you can link to specific products in your shop.

You don't even have to worry if those links work or not, because they automatically pull in from your shop!

In conclusion, you should sign up for Klaviyo. It's been a really valuable resource for me. And especially if you have a Shopify store, I highly, highly, highly recommend it.

It's been fun to play around with and I love going down the flows rabbithole because you can get ideas for new flows and open up this whole new world of email sequences. 

I would love to know your thoughts. What's holding you back from emails?

I know a lot of people, especially a lot of small businesses feel weird about sending them and you should not because people invite you into their inbox. If they gave you their email address, they wanna hear from you, so do it!

I have another video all about what to send to your email list. Check that out to get some ideas and get the creative juices flowing. And if you try out Klaviyo let me know what you think!

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