Are You Ready to Make Enamel Pins? 3 Steps to Find out! [video]


There are lots of reasons to want to get into enamel pins, but how do you know if you're really ready to jump in? In this video (above), I'm going to be talking about three criteria you can use to know for sure if you're ready to get into making enamel pins.

I love making enamel pins. Obviously, they’ve been a huge part of my business for the past few years, but I know they're not for everybody and that's fine. So let’s go over the criteria that I think truly successful, pin makers have and see if it's a good fit for you or not.

I've already helped over 200 other pin makers get started and grow their businesses in my Enamel Pins: 101 course. And I really think these three criteria are what a lot of people have in common. So let's get into them!


Do you have an idea?

Okay. First thing, do you have an idea? Do you have something that you want to bring into the world as a physical object? Do you have a design that you're like, “dang, I wish at pin like this existed!” Do you have a great idea for a collection of pins that you really like see? If you have that inspiration and you have an idea, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be able to execute on it because there are manufacturers and designers who can help you bring your designs to fruition.

But if you’re an artist too, that definitely helps! So you have to have an idea. You have to have that spark and that inspiration of something that you want to bring into the world. It's so cool to have an idea in your head, draw it out on a piece of paper or iPad, whatever. But, then having that physical thing in your hands is so special. So first thing you need is that idea.

Do you have time and space?

I'm going a be little more practical now. Do you have the time and space? Do you have a specific time during the day that you can carve out to work on your pin designs, promoting them, getting your listings up and packaging orders? Are you working at nap times like I did for like two straight years? Or, are you working at the end of the day after you get home from work or school?

Be sure that you know that you have that time to commit because otherwise you're just going to feel like you're drowning. And, it can really only be like 10 or 20 minutes a day or an hour out of your week that you're batching your tasks. But if you don't have the time to carve out, it's going to be really frustrating for you.

If you do carve out that time and you commit to using that time for your business, then you can absolutely get started. I mean, my son's naps ranged from around 30 minutes to three hours. I would have any time during that window to work. And if he didn’t nap, I’d set up on the couch or dining room table after he went to bed to get the rest of my work done.

That being said, don’t run yourself ragged. After living in the “hustle culture” for too long, I don’t subscribe to that philosophy AT ALL. Carve out a reasonable amount of time for you to feel good about what you’re accomplishing AND feel good about yourself. Then commit to that time. If you can do that, you're golden.

As for space, this is probably the most practical criteria. Do you have the physical space in your home to put your pins? You need to have a spot for the backing cards, the actual pens, there's shipping envelopes or boxes for them and the printers and labels. So if you can, if you have a little space that you can designate to keep all of your supplies. . A lot of people work from their kitchen countertops and dining tables. Even if it's just a closet or under a desk you should be prepared to store all the accessories that come with having a pin business.


Do you have the mindset?

Okay, so this last criteria is kind of a biggie. Can you commit to see it through? Are you determined to create this new venture for yourself?

Mindset is such a huge part of owning a business or a side business. And if you are not truly ready, if you're not in a place where you feel energetic and excited and ready to create this new life and business for yourself, then you're not going to make it. There are so many ups and downs to running any kind of business no matter how much time you put into it. So if you are not 100% ready to see it through, even during those downs, which happened to all of us, then you're not ready.

But, if the idea of running your own business, seeing your stuff in physical form, creating this new life for yourself and your family, if that idea is more exciting than it is scary, then you're absolutely ready.

We have such an amazing pin community that when you do hit those downs, you've got people around you who can help and who totally understand. But if you want to go for it and really go for it, you have got to have that mindset piece right. You've got to be excited and determined to see it through and truly commit.


Okay. So if you said, “Oh my God, yes!” to all three of those criteria and you are ready to get started, go ahead and click down below. I've got my checklist where you can get started with enamel pans. It's a list of all of the steps to start your own enamel pin business. It's pretty great!

how to start an enamel pin business checklist by becky helms
And if you're really ready to get started growing your business with enamel pins, enroll in Enamel Pins: 101 today!   It's got everything you need to know to start your pin business.  From launches to site set-up, I've got you covered!
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