Pin Mail • April 2018

Every month I film a video all about my favorite pins from the month and I’d like to share them in more detail here!  Some are trades but most are purchases because I love supporting my fellow artists.  Also, because I have zero impulse control when it comes to pins, haha!

You can check out the original video here.

Mamobot Ghibli enamel pin collection

First up is Mamobot’s Ghibli collection! He released soooo many of my favorite Ghibli characters recently and just like his Sailor Moon collection, I showed little restraint.

Mamobot mamocats enamel pins

Speaking of Mamobot, there was no way I wasn’t getting these bitty pink kittens, too. 

Adam J Kurtz enamel pins

Adam J Kurtz released his Instagram Verified pin again and I snatched it up before it was retired! I also loved this “then and now” pin because I really do need to stop and remember how far I’ve come in business and life.

Jordan Dene The Pink Samurai and Friends Enamel Pin Club Stardust Pin

I always do some shameless promotion in these videos and this month was all about the April The Pink Samurai & Friends collaboration pin with Jordan Dene!  You can read more about it here and pick one up for yourself (while supplies last!) here!

Pretty Candy Pin Company Rainbow Straws

These aren’t pins at all, clearly, but one of my favorite pin people, Pretty Candy Pin Company, just added these stainless steal, rainbow straws to her shop and I’m OBSESSED!  I’ve been trying to cut down on my plastic waste and this is a super cute way to do it!  It looks like they're sold out right now, but keep checking back because she restocks regularly!

Pepz Art Unicorn Heart Pin

This is a bonus pin that came in the mail just a couple of hours after I filmed my video, so it only made it into my IG Stories (which you should totally watch, btw).  But, I love it so much I wanted to feature it here!  I mean, it's a glittery, rainbow, unicorn heart!

Again! Don’t forget to check out this video to hear me fawn over these amazing pins!

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