DIY - Holographic Glitter Prints


So, I belong to this awesome Facebook Group for people who do Anime convention Artist Alleys and some folks the other day were talking about this clear film to put over paper that makes it holographic.  I basically stopped everything I was doing (which clearly wasn’t much, because I was on Facebook :P) and read everything they had to say about it.  I hopped over to the craft store that day and made the cutest little prints out of some of Andy’s illustrations!


  • Holographic sticker paper – I couldn’t find them online, but it’s available in the same section as glitter papers at Hobby Lobby.
  • Prints
  • Scissors
  • This really didn’t warrant a supply list haha!

The sticker sheet comes as 12×12, so I cut down the paper to fit my 4×4 prints, with about a 1/4″ extra around the edge.

I stuck the holographic paper to my prints and trimmed it an angle on the corner, then folded it up onto the back.  Though it didn’t stick as well on the back, it’s going in a frame, so who cares 😛  Be sure get an air bubbles out by using a bone folder or a pen to push them out.

I was freaking out about how cute these turned out!  The holographic sparkles are so fun and bright!  I can’t wait to get these friends in some white frames and hang them in The Cutedio!

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