Tips for Traveling Cute

The last couple of weekends, Andy and I have been traveling to visit family before our lil dude arrives.  Everyone knows that traveling, especially by air, can be very utilitarian.  Black suitcases everywhere, clear bottles in your bag and unhappy people on every side.  But, I love cute things, so I always try really hard to make everything around me pink and happy, so I thought it would be fun to share some silly Traveling Cute Tips that I hollered about on Instagram last month.

1. This is more of a life tip: If it comes in pink, get it in pink.  This was applicable to my new travel bottles.  I went a step further and used washi tape to label them instead of just writing directly on the bottles.  This is great because it’s super cute AND I can take it off if I need to.  And yes, the one on the far left is “belly cream” hahaha!

2. If your flight is delayed and Hudson News has Hello Kitty Mad Libs, you buy it immediately!  Andy and I looove Mad Libs in general, but this one also has pink paper and makes me happy.  Also, after I Instagrammed this, Hudson News started following me on Twitter 😛

3. Use cute stuff for photo props on the go!  We stopped at Third Eye Comics while visiting my parents and I picked up this Sailor Moon compact charm and Pinky Pie to use in photos for the weekend.  Plus, they’re just fun to have in my purse every day.

4. And finally, if there’s a neon rainbow hallway in your airport, take amazingly touristy photos and pose like a goober while giggling about how awesome it is!  This is in Chicago’s O’Hare airport and I was just beside myself walking through!  The photo up top is me in front of the pink part of the wall.  Amazing!

We won’t be traveling much for a while because of impending baby, but I had so much fun making these trips the cutest they could be!  And sharing my time with y’all ^_^

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