The Pink Samurai's Super Fun Pin Club Jubilee! August 2019

the pink samurai enamel pin club august 2019

Beach Bum Bean

Summer is not over yet! (Especially if you live in Texas...or in the Northern Hemisphere 😅)

This little kitten was based on a snuggle bug that I rescued and re-homed a few years ago!  I love Tuxedo kittens and this bean is ready for nap in the sun!  The beach towel is actually inspired by towels that every 80s and 90s kids could find in their grandparents linen closet, haha!  You know those shells were on everything!

So, enjoy the rest of the summer with this lounging kitten and if you go out in the sun, where your sunscreen because you're not covered in a layer fur like this friend!



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