The Pink Samurai's Super Fun Pin Club Jubilee! July 2019

the pink samurai enamel pin sundae cats

Ice Cream Sundae Cats!

These kittens are so cool and ready for summer! 

I originally created this illustration for National Sundae Day (November 11th, if you're curious) in 2014.  So these lil friends have been around for a while.  I hope you love them!!

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: July's pin will be delayed.  For the first time in 2.5 years of having a pin club, I accidentally ordered the wrong quantity and only received half of what I needed.  The first half will ship ASAP, but the second half will be delayed until the second week of July.  I'm SO sorry and will be including a special coupon (with a BIG discount!) for all pin club members!! ​Thank you so so much for your understanding while I facepalm myself for the next couple of weeks!


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