The Pink Samurai & Friends • December 2018

Stacey Martin Smith for The Pink Samurai & Friends

December’s Artist: 

I have been an absolute fangirl for Stacey Martin Smith for years!  She's an amazing tattoo artist and I was lucky enough to get an appointment with her and I was totally nervous to meet her for the first time!  She brought my idea for kittens in donut UFOs to life and we ended up talking about pins and business and cats and all good things while sat in pain haha.  Anyway!  She designed a super cute pin for you lovely people that blends her style and our crazy cat love!

Look at this sweet baby!  I have another appointment to get one of her kewpies (I won't tell you what it'll be!  You'll see sooooon) in December and I'm so so excited!
As always, this pin is exclusive to the December release and won't be available anywhere else, ever again!


Subscriptions are open NOW if you want to get a cute pin in the mail each month with free shipping!  Individuals will be in both of our shops on November 1.


December's Charity

This months charity is Out Youth

Be sure to visit their website and learn more about the amazing work that they do.